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Are You Ready For Tax Season?

Are You Ready For Tax Season?

11.01.2018 / by G Deitsch / 0 comments

According to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) the tax season will begin Monday, January 29, 2018 and informed taxpayers claiming some tax credits that reimbursements will not be possible before late February. They will start accepting tax returns on January…

Get Tax Help Today!

Get Tax Help Today!

1.12.2017 / by G Deitsch / 0 comments

Dear taxpayers, Are you stressed, confused or frustrated with the IRS? During each phone call with an IRS representative you probably think you can handle it on your own, but a few hours go by and you still can’t find…

Getting Ready for Tax Season

Getting Ready for Tax Season

13.11.2017 / by G Deitsch / 0 comments

Below are steps taxpayers can take now to ensure smooth processing of their 2017 tax return and avoid a delay in getting their refund next year. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) advises taxpayers to get ready for the upcoming tax…

How to Settle Your IRS Tax Debt

How to Settle Your IRS Tax Debt

19.10.2017 / by G Deitsch / 0 comments

Do you have tax debt, but don’t know what to do about it? You definitely shouldn’t let the letters and notices pile up – especially if they’re coming from collection agencies who are after money owed to the Internal Revenue…

Beware of IRS Scammers

Beware of IRS Scammers

28.09.2017 / by G Deitsch / 0 comments

As always, scammers who impersonate Internal Revenue Service officers are still a threat to taxpayers. They have been tricking innocent people and robbing them of money and peace of mind. We’ve compiled a list to help you determine real IRS…

Upcoming Tax Deadline

22.09.2017 / by G Deitsch / 0 comments

If you’ve requested a six-month extension to submit your taxes then your deadline is coming up quick! October 16, 2017 is the last day to file your individual or corporation return. This includes the 1040, 1040A and 1040EZ or 1120…

Business Tax Deadline is Almost Here!

11.09.2017 / by G Deitsch / 0 comments

If you got an extension on your taxes earlier this year, the time has now come to submit your returns. The business tax deadline is approaching on September 15 and you don’t want to miss it! If you want to…

Tax Limits: Be Cautious Of Advertisements

7.09.2017 / by G Deitsch / 0 comments

Year-end tax planning is approaching, which means thousands of ads are going to flood your computer while browsing the web with suggestions on what to do in order to help you prepare.   The fact of the matter is that…

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you didn’t file your tax return? Well … You basically lose your refund (if you pass the three year tax deadline date) which for some people can be a significant loss. Also,…

Best Payment Option for Taxpayers

10.08.2017 / by G Deitsch / 0 comments

Do you have a problem with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)? Specifically when it comes to your payment options? You should opt for a payment plan! This way, you don’t need to wait until you can pay off the total…

Benefits of IRS Payment Plan

4.08.2017 / by G Deitsch / 0 comments

If you’re worried about how to pay your dues to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), you’ll want to review all your options. A good choice would be to make monthly payments through an installment agreement. This would help reduce or…

IRS Guidlines To Audit Small Businesses

1.08.2017 / by G Deitsch / 0 comments

IRS agents are trained on specific audit techniques for different industries. The guides that these agents are trained to use are referred to as Audit Techniques Guides (ATGs), and they focus on providing guidance for examiners in different market segments….